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Free digital terrestrial television on your phone


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Tdt Directo Tv is an app that allows you to watch live television for free on the screen of your Android device, without having to wait. All you need is a good internet connection.

In the menu of the app you will see logos for all of the different channels that you can watch. You just have to tap on one of them to start watching it on its official website. The thing is that Tdt Directo Tv always sends you directly to the official sites that broadcast these signals, so you are never doing anything illegal when you watch television this way.

Tdt Directo Tv is a very useful app. Though at times it doesn't allow you to watch some channels (for reasons that have nothing to do with the application itself), it is very comfortable to use in most situations. The Champions League games, series, news programs... you will never have problems watching any of them.
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